Thursday, July 22, 2010

Foreign Exchange Student (Japan)

Why am I even posting this when I have only one follower: my mom -_- jeez don't I feel famous. Oh well I feel like posting this because if I don't I might explode and that would be messy >_<

My little sister has always wanted to go to Italy and be a foreign exchange student. I always wanted that but I figured it was too much money so I never asked. One day my little sister was bragging that she was going to go to Italy (we reminded her that to go there, you need to know SOME Italian) and I mention how if I could go anywhere it'd be Japan. My mom said, "Would you like to?" and it sort of went like that.

Now I'm trying to get ahead in my credits by at least a year so I could have a gap year. However, I'm having my gap year in 11th grade so that's the year I'm going to spend in Japan. I'm really excited!!

But I'm going too far ahead of myself here lol. Anyway my mom found this really nice program called: rotary club. The Rotary has connections in 100s of countries. And they send you to anyone of those countries, you really don't get a choice. However, you can ask for a certain country. And by ask, I mean beg :P haha.

Anyway I have an appoint to go talk to Mark-sama who is with the Rotary Club. I hope so much that he'll accept me to go talk to the council. If that goes well, I have an interview and if it goes well again, I get to go :) I'm hoping SO SO SO SO SO much that it goes okay...

Wish me luck... uh... people. Like I said, there's only one person who follows me and that's my mom and she already knows.... Wow I really feel famous -_-

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  1. How are you now, Kira? Were you able to get into the exchange student program? Studying in a foreign environment sure is exciting but there are also some factors to consider. Foreign students are frequently the target of abuse, so if ever you were able to go through the program, always remember that you have every right to defend yourself.

    Vesta Duvall @Zalkin