Sunday, April 4, 2010

Poet at Heart?

My teachers keep telling me I'd make a great poet cause I'm good at rhyming (ever heard of the rhyming dictionary??). But poems are just plain easy and are a great way to get out of the stupid promt (I know I spelled that wrong) I have to write everyday in creative writing. I dunno. Check out a poem I wrote for Science. It had to contain at least 5 different 'weather words' in it. This took me like five minutes tops. Took longer to load up the computer and look up the definitions than to write it. My science teacher squealed with joy and read it outloud to everyone (inculding me there's 6 that's right 6 people in my science class) in my class.

Weather Poem:
Weather Words:
Fog- When a cloud is touching or near touching the earth
Climate- A long-term condition an area has
Dew- The dew is when the water vapor is collected at a certain temperature and becomes saturated.
Weather- The condition of the atmosphere is a certain place at a certain time.
Precipitation- Anything water based that falls from the sky.
Rain- A type of Precipitation
The fog covered all the grounds.
The climate was cold, so I wore a frown.
Although I couldn’t see it, I knew the dew was there.
As I brushed against a plant; the dampness was the least of my cares.
The fog grew thicker as I walked on.
The weather was worsening as I looked upon
The sky. I know that climate and weather aren’t the same,
I’m afraid I’m becoming less and less sane.
Precipitation hits me square in the face,
The rain touches me like an embrace.
I could not hold it in any longer.
The rain pounds and I wish I’m stronger.
I need to escape, I need to run.
Boy this isn’t fun.
Goodbye for now, I’ll see you soon.
Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow you goon!
The rain saved your butt today,
But tomorrow you won’t be so lucky May!
I’ll win your heart just you wait,
If only you would take the bait…
I made it end quickly cause I wanted it to be over. I wanted it to end like the guy was running for his life or something more exciting but I didn't want the teacher to think I had problems or something (she's quick to jump to that). Cool teacher though, love her to death.

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